As a creative renaissance woman, Pierrah uses various mediums for interactive storytelling. Her creative journey started early on, traditionally with classical music(clarinet, violin) and painting soon transition to digital design with the growth of the internet. Born and raised in Miami, she attended the University of Miami studying behavioral psychology with a focus on marketing. Now based in NYC, Pierrah is a creative technologist passionate about celebrating diversity and exploring hyperreality. She has worked with agencies like Jones Knowles Ritchie and supported social media campaigns for brands like Dunkin' Donuts, Chef's Cut Jerky, and now PepsiCo. When Pierrah is not developing content, she is collaborating with brands that share the same goal of pushing culture forward within fashion, film, and music. This past year, she completed a film directing fellowship at DCTV, has been featured in Vogue, modeled for Pyer Moss, and more recently designed menswear for Adidas. Pierrah's mission is to empower creatives while also championing the value of creativity.


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